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The next Edition includes pieces about the neuroscience of relationships, how to break up the easy way if you've had a bad relationship breakup, and also exploring issues surrounding red flags in business partnerships and relationships.

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Been Through a Crap Relationship Experience?

I know many have been through a crap relationship experience. A Coaching Question I ask is: What did you learn about yourself?

Sometimes it appears some relationships are designed to press our buttons. The fact our buttons can be pressed also means there could be something to learn or pay attention to in amongst the angst and emotional turmoil. It is easier to determine once the dust has settled and the initial sting, shock, hurt, or anger has subsided.

A big learning for me was about standards, boundaries, and where and how I choose to spend my time. If the energy is not being met, matched, or reciprocated, and the communication is ultra lazy or non-existent, no matter how 'nice' they seem, I know it is time to get out of dodge.

It can be tough going through crappy experiences where things were not as presented or what they seemed.

If you have communicated and shared how you feel, and come up with ideas and solutions for making positive changes and there is still nothing coming back, I say don't waste your time.

Also, don't waste the experience. Once you have picked yourself up, decide what there is to learn from the situation, and most importantly for me, what you will do differently next time.

  1. What have been some of the biggest relationship lessons for you after coming out of a bad experience?

  2. How will you apply what you learnt as you move onwards, upwards. and forwards from here?

In future Issues we'll talk more about those emotional buttons, and how to diffuse or disconnect them.

Marilyn Devonish - The Dating Chronicles


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